…..& this is how it started…. FINALLY !!

Finally!!! Phew!!

Had I little known about the fact that blogging is an unusual sport – I would have refrained jumping in this act of writing – writing to know more about me, writing to express what I know of others, writing to observe, writing to learn, writing to explore, writing to opine, writing to create, writing to establish, writing the dream or writing between white and black….. But it began!! It began finally. !!

It began with le rêveur (the dreamer in French). “Betweenwhitenblack”

Being the first post of “my life” I shall stick to 2 things: a) Thank people and b) Story the journey of conceiving this blog. In fact, let me try doing both simultaneously..

So here is a list of people I want to thank to.. Not that they have been kind of super-support-system or something & I am too sentimental about them, but that they believed in me and helped me discover myself, that they encouraged me to write because they believed that I could. They believed that I could convey, communicate or dream…

Thanks guys!! Had you all not been there……………………………… Somebody else would have been 😉

First of all my wife Jyotsana who never encouraged me to write.. Not because she thought I couldn’t, but because she believed I wouldn’t… Laziness you see!! Hey wifey – I have started it finally and promise to keep it going.. Continue to be the epitome of my strength (even if it is this way – Sometimes negative motivations work)

Secondly – Simran- a dear friend, philosopher and guide.. A humble bow to you for your mammoth faith in me – I still cherish the notebook you gave me to write- Its still empty but has filled my heart with immense confidence. BTW What made you give me a book in this computer age?? Silly isn’t it?? Think of a gadget next!!

Next in the list is my elder brother – Anil for his continuous moral support towards anything and everything I did or do.. Bhau (as I ‘pyaar se’ call him) – tell me something – Do you really think I could succeed in something like this after couple of failed attempts earlier on varied subjects?? Or its just your caring demeanor that you encouraged me to it. Or most importantly did you really understand what am I expressing?? Just Kidding !!

Further, thank you Naina Madan – for the naam-karan-sanskaar of this child of mine. So whilethecoffeebrews – Ma’am take a bow as I applaud your little contribution in my effort of taking to the world what I never thought I had..

Mr. Haider Sheikh, Mr. Arpan Chatterjee, Mr. Kaiser Faruqi & Mr. Prasanna Singh – For your boundless trust in me at every step of mine and giving a patient hearing for all that I had to say all these years – In any case; Boss you guys are too good to have listened to me that has sowed the seeds of this blog.. In coming times I shall make attempts to detail some of our experiences too..

To Sai Baba – Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to you for showering your countless blessings on me and seeding the fact that I could attempt something like this. (PS: At least no one would now dare to comment bad – Having the almighty by our side always has its advantages 🙂 )

Lastly, all you readers – for wondering as why am I thanking people – Am I writing a blog or some Upanayaas??

No dear friend- Nothing of the above. I don’t intend to write prequels to sequels, multi-volumes or even self-help documentary. I just want to pen my thoughts on anything I feel can be attended to by my limited intelligence. I intend to write for me, myself. I shall make attempts to opine on subjects I feel have the potential to be extrapolated thus giving it a diverse perspective and meaning. I shall be obliged if I receive feedback aiming at corrective measures to improve my writing or your own similar experiences or just a pat-on-the-back.

So the million dollar question: Why do I still need to thank people?

Well! If this attempt succeeds I get the applauses. However, if it fails for some reasons, I can easily fall back on the beliefs of the above and blame it to them and their judgments about me. After all – Success has many fathers – Failure is an orphan.


3 thoughts on “…..& this is how it started…. FINALLY !!

  1. Arvind, welcome to the club. I am sure blogging will allow you to communicate unique, personal stories and demonstrate your expertise, skills, talents and knowledge.
    Most importantly what you write or post in a blog can help make a positive difference in someone’s life somewhere on this planet.

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