Woh 7-din ! – Going through life -v/s- Growing through Life…

I have observed that a hospital is the only place on planet earth which is said to carry multiple energies and emotions together:  Happiness, Sadness, Hope, Belief, Fear, Anxiety, Patience, Excitement etc. Note that the above emotions are fairly different at different intervals of the same day. At times it starts with one and ends with another one of the above.  At some other instances it could be just one of it throughout. Whatever it is, you surely come out more learned, stronger, matured and experienced.. One goes through life very closely at every moment and grows with it! You discover a new YOU. I have one such experience to pen that i encountered lately.

And I must confess I grew with it.


She was rushed to bed no 9 in the Intensive care unit (ICU) on the 2nd floor of Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Road. With Complaint of intense breathing and heavy palpitation, my mother was almost unconscious. I was tensed mixed with a noticeable worry on my face. Waiting outside the ICU, all I could see and sense were 3 things.

a) The nurses and attendants running in and out of the ICU carrying instruments of various sizes and shapes; completely alien to me.. The doctor kept examining the case files with a blank look on his face and at times staring at one of the sheets and comparing it with some other in the file.. The wires were plugged on and set at key points on my mother’s torso and a reading on the monitor started glaring at me with ambiguous numerical updates.. Some in green indicated joy while the ones in red were a concern.. Either of it was Greek..

b) My heart beat which was politely following every action of the key personnel inside the ICU. The trend of 130 bpm to 170 bpm was directly proportional to the instructions of the commander-in-chief and actions in response of the 2nd in command.. The more machines went inside; the more sweat made its way on my forehead..

c) The idol of Lord Hanuman standing and staring at me with calm approach and a composed demeanor. The iron mace in his left hand pointing downwards whiles the conch shell in his right upwards. Was this an indication that it’s all either here on earth (the material world) or up above (the spiritual world)?? It’s we, the mortals, here on earth and HE, the eternal up there, guarding and controlling all our actions and reactions. (Remember the famous lines from the film ‘Anand’: “Zindagi aur maut uparwale ke hath hai jahapana, jise na aap badalsakte hai na mein. Hum sab to rangmanch ki katputlia hai, jiski door uparwale ke haath bandhi hai.. KAB KAUN KAISE UTHEGA YE KOI NAHI JANTA”)

Whatever it is; am still searching the answers.

I never knew that the forthcoming 7 days will unveil a new me; a lot of learning and unlearning awaits me. A lot was to be experienced and explored over the next 7 days. This is the first part of the 4-part document and is a moment-by-moment sketch of my experience each day – I was going and growing through life!

……to be continued


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