Woh 7-din ! – Going through life -v/s- Growing through Life…

…….. continued

Day 1:

It surely was not a normal day. Eyes filled with immense hope and positivity, a restless body language, mind full of questions and heart still keeping the beats of faith on. About 10+ visits to the pharmacy on the ground floor, assured me of a progressive treatment and recovery. (PS: No updates whatsoever from the ICU) Fellow relatives of the other ICU patients kept conversing, either on phone or among them, falsely consoling themselves of the current conditions of their patients – Mind you! They too are unaware of the executions inside. New admissions to the ICU only filled my heart with commiseration for them. However, honestly, I was more concerned about my mom and thus the mind remained focused on her status only. Late evening I understand that her condition is normal and breathing pattern improved. Though it gave a sheer sigh of relief; what I still disapproved was that it was only due to the external life support. I didn’t want that old body of 72 years to go thru this suffering… Hope and happiness alive but masked with questions, doubts and concerns.

Day 2: 

Day dawns with a startling noise of stretchers being pulled out hastily thru’ the patients elevator and rushed to the ICU. A mob of Doctors, nurses, attendants, helpers, physicians and technicians, all followed the 29 year old guy who had just got a Cardiac assault. Families and well-wishers accompanied soon but later spread out in various directions to perform the various tasks assigned- medicines reports payments etc. I had never wanted such a start to my day ever. So instead of a fearless and hopeful beginning, the day started with anxiety and countless prayers for the well being of my mother and also the new entrant. Few known faces on the floor with similar tough times found solace in speaking with fellow relatives. Some strange stories and experiences were exchanged and I must say these only pumps the adrenaline levels inside you upwards. With multiple calls from the ICU for procuring medicines without any update on the health conditions, arose a sense of fear and anger. The ray of hope was the visiting hours at 6pm. Improvement pattern did indicate a positive trend but doctor opinions differed.

Day 3:

By this time around we were kind of losing hopes about her health improvement not because the doctors intimated such but because they did not. An unaware person frames opinions according to his circumstances and surroundings and in our case this was quite distinct. We forwarded a message for the doctor inside thru the attendant that we wished to see him. We were asked to wait until the doc completes his roundups. All eyes set on the Lord Hanuman kept asking LIFE for her.

And just then………… The doctor called us!

It was about 12 at midnight. The heart rate and pressure had stabilized and she was getting ready to be shifted to IMCU – a section between ICU and normal ward. The doc indicated a near-to-impressive-development and hence still wanted to be under observation. We were happy. Not long though!

The breathlessness returned and this time a little more fierce. Along with it returned a scary and fearsome thought of losing her. She was taken back to the bed and all wires were re-plugged into her. We hardly got to see her!

……to be continued


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