Emotional Atyachaar !!

Once upon a time long ago, an electronic device known as the television was invented- a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment… Blah blah!! People also called it the IDIOT BOX (…and nobody still knows why?).  It mostly came in single color and was hand operated… Blah blah blah!!!  It expressed various emotions thru’ its transmission which was meant for people of all ages, caste, creed and sex… These emotions were carried in every household via an external terrestrial mechanism called the antenna… Blah blah!! Half of the time it needed to be adjusted and placed at some ‘x’ degrees to get the bang on connectivity with clarity… Blah blah blah!!! One house on a floor of 4 flats in an apartment of 50 households in a complex of 5 buildings had this device and was the ‘unanimously nominated weekend multiplex’ then.. Blah blah!!! Huh!!!

Essay writing… What fun it used to be… Remember writing an essay on anything and everything under the sun??? A day in the market, railway station or bus stop, favorite picnic spot, some great patriotic figure or favorite festival, a pet animal or my school or independence day or on brother, friend, sister etc etc.. It used to be an experience narration more than anything else…

So how about writing an experience on something that’s become an integral part of our lives? Say the local train or the mall culture or your mobile phone/ tablets, or may be the television or even more interesting “the television serials”… Wooohoo! This is out of the ordinary – ‘THE EVOLUTION OF TELEVISION SERIALS’

I say “Evolution” because it has indeed evolved over the years. I say so because I am one of the reasons for its gradual changeover. Yes, you read it right – I am responsible.. You see, I was born in 1975 and until then only 7 cities in India had the pleasure of Television viewing. The rest of India was in distress and suffering from No-Entertainment-Syndrome, but indulged in “other” forms of entertainment. I descended on the earth in the human form to annihilate tyrannical forces and revive the earthly beings of the agony. The Sapta-Rishis (7-Rishis) bestowed their blessings through the water of the holy 7-seas and a guiding light of 7-colours of rainbow spread its radiance on the earth-born (Color-TV was introduced in this year). The magic of 7 worked and finally after 7-years, National Telecasts were introduced in 1982. Television went national.

….And in the last 3 decades, I have had the experience of 2 distinct stratum of television viewing. My generation had the pleasure of consuming what was then and what is it now.

I am more fascinated by the 2-Phased development in TV viewing – Let’s name it “THEN” & “NOW”. More categorically it can also be called the era before & after Tulsi (or Parvati) bhabhi. I personally believe that these 2 women have redefined what television viewing today is.

I may not be able to touch upon all facet of this topic but want to definitely present a lighter shade of the highly exaggerated embodiment of the characters/ stories. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed distinguishing the two layers of tele-content.

…..to be continued (1/4)


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