Emotional Atyachaar!

….continued from the previous post..(3/4)


….because the grandeur of the show is so vast that every single detail needs to be carefully attended to. To make this simpler; I thought I should first list all the fine-points that I wished to address – or in other words: those which have managed to touch my heart (and mind too).

The first ‘Punch-in-the-face’ is the name of the serial these days. And right here the Atyachaar begins – the Atyachaar which tags along a bunch of other emotional matter like the Story Line, length of these shows, the family magnificence, women protagonist, the make-up and dress-up, camera tricks and so on and on and on and on…………….!!! The complete package resembles a fierce multi-faced-demon, which has sworn up the task of mentally harassing you and hence I psychologically term it as “Emotional Atyachaar”.

They say; every new beginning must happen with the blessings of the almighty. So the creator of the universe fashioned Tulsi and Parvati, who later came to be known as the official reincarnated modern avatars of the ancient Vedic goddesses.. They ruled the hearts of millions by reigning on the pockets of trillions – from the cable operators to the consumer brands. Following them were a flock of extremely gorgeous looking babes with fancy names and unusual characterizations. Moms became younger; Grand moms even more younger, Fathers disappeared and reappeared, Sisters got untimely pregnant, Sons married twice & sometime even thrice secretly, Vamps became an integral part of the show (read family), Apartments became bungalows, Marriages turned extra-glamorous with more than 3 or 4 rituals mixed (to keep every community happy), business scales and volumes outnumbered the Mittals and Ambanis, respect and love as a virtue was super-personified & doubly fabricated respectively etc. (PS: Watch out for all this and much more the next time you switch on the TV to embrace the above)

In an era when mobile phones were getting smaller; the serial names became longer. The alphabet “K” was in sudden demand and the new heartthrob in town.. I can’t imagine the mess we would be in, if our regular conversation was also ‘K’fied – Like Dick becomes Kick….. !!

OK! Now don’t even get into it.

Gradually, the popular Hindi songs took place of the serial names. And since most names (read songs) are actually too long enough to remember, people shorten it- BALH, KHTW.. At times they resemble some hard earned medical degree by a skinny-science­-scholar burning the midnight oil… The trouble arises when your short forms also look like NBTNMKH. Keep guessing the serial guys! (Hint: Season 2 is on the rollJ)

I am wondering if in coming times we see the name of a serial like: “Tan tana tan tan tan taara; chalti hai kya nau se baara” – What would the short title say? TTTTTTCHKNSB or may be shorten it further to T6CHKNSB (Now this resembles some acidic chemical formulae)..

Another observation lately has been that the initial episodes of today’s serials are in sync with the title but as days progress the title takes the back seat. The story grabs a different track and multiple characters enter as the writer’s imagination unfolds. After all ‘Size Matters’ and thus an interesting trait is the length of these shows today. Beyond a point, out of the blues, you wonder “WTF – how much yet to go”. Hey I meant after the first 2 days of the week you wonder: WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY – how much yet to go??? ;-).

Visualize the lead lady protagonist as a very subtle, level-headed and a grown-up responsible adult of the family. She is looked upon very high by anybody and everybody; from her family members to the laundry man and the watchmen and the bus conductor and the chai wala, the sabzi wala, the auto wala, the society sweeper, the school teacher, the office peon, the fathers friends family and the sisters friends family and the…………………………..phew !!! In short she is a role model for the entire society – oops! In fact, a role model for the entire country… Almost 100+ episodes are wasted (yes I mean WASTED – literally WASTED) in showing all the so called over exaggerated over amplified super good and the very good of this character. Such characters are seldom born (PS: That too not on the earth though).

By now the writer seems to have exhausted all his energy in threading more stories out of several inputs fancied in his imagination. And then the “REAL REEL STORY” begins. Most of it is copied from some other serial, well fabricated to suit the mood of this show. Others could be a contribution by the producers to secure the TRP’s. Some more of it emerges out of …………………… nothing actually & you wonder WTF..!! This time I really mean WHAT THE F**K!!

I challenge publicly to pick any serial of today which has stuck to its roots or the base meaning of its name. Prove me wrong and I swear to the almighty to never ever wear clothes or breathe or even drink water, or may be never wink an eyelid and always wear a brownish blueish greenish cream shirt lifetime…………………………… Shit!! The serials have finally managed making an impact on me too.

The viewers, however, welcome EVERY NEW so-called change with wide arms and open hearts: Beggars cannot be choosers! And one fine morning, because nothing more was left to be raped; the serial ends….. ABRUPTLY! And you again wonder – WTF! This time the connotation however, is a happy one. Cheers!

We live in a strange world where “Airports witness more kisses than Churches” and “Hospital walls receive more prayers than Temples”.. Watch out for more such STRANGE SUBSTANCES in the last part.

…..to be continued (3/4)


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